Every day is Valentine’s Day

HeartsEvery day is Valentine’s Day in the Wingate house. As a result, Danielle and I choose not to celebrate this hyped up Hallmark-dream of a holiday. We do not have flowers delivered. We do not buy chocolates in a heart-shaped box. We do not cut out pink and red construction paper in the shape of a heart and hand write love notes. We do not buy a stuffed animal with a heart embroidered on its chest that says, “I love you!” We do not store up special deliveries, heart-felt gestures, and loving chocolate-filled packages for one day a year.   I’ve done that on this day before and I will not be the first to tell you, “One day is never enough.”

I’ve celebrated this day in past relationships before. I’m a romantic and I love celebrating, well, love. I’ve spent money on jewelry and every other stereotypical Valentine’s Day gift. Yet, those relationships did not work out. At the time, I could not see why. I was broken. Disappointment through broken promises will do that. But through those disappointments, I realized if you are not both working at love the rest of the year, one day will never be enough to satisfy. Without those short-sighted disappointments, I do not believe I would appreciate what I have now. Through those disappointments I learned if you are not both surrendering to God daily and dying to yourself, one day will never be enough to keep the flame going. Marriages fail due to three reasons: selfishness, selfishness, and selfishness. If you are not becoming selfless and serving each other daily, chances are you too will learn quickly that one day is not enough to build a lasting partnership and marriage.

Now we do give each other cards and say sweet things to each other on this day. But it is not centralized to one day. So when you don’t see Danielle receive flowers on this day when the price triples to express our love for each other in public, don’t pity her. When you don’t see me get a valentine’s card or gift, don’t feel bad for me. Be proud of us and consider us fiscally and relationally responsible. There will be other days she will get flowers and celebrated in every way possible, just at one third the cost. We do our best to fill each other’s heart with love and contentment the other 365 days (or 366 this year). If you know my wife, you know: She is worth celebrating every day of the year.

After the journey we’ve traveled to get to the place where we found true, selfless, God-given love in each other, one day is never enough to celebrate His grace. Because no other word can describe two imperfect people finding each other were it not through His grace. I wake up daily thanking the Creator for loving me so much that he gave me a gift worth celebrating every day for the rest my life. So for us, every day is Valentine’s Day.

I love you beautiful! Thanks for doing life with me.


 The views presented above are those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of DoD or its components.

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3 thoughts on “Every day is Valentine’s Day

  1. Jeff and I did not do Valentine’s Day either. A made up holiday where you are set up to fail. I think of all the little things we did for each other and it was better than one day! Good for you and Daniell! But those little cut out hearts from Emma …… Those will melt your heart!

  2. So beautifully written, and so rich in real, in in truth, LOVE. When you actually have the GENUINE…why would you relegate a life-covenant relationship to a soupy, superficial imitation? Anyone who knows you and Danielle, admires the type of love relationship that you share. A relationship that is continually being nurtured and given to. Each giving their best – not the left-overs of energy, time, service, interest, etc. Both of you deliberately, consciously show each other that you’re on the same team! No! No pity…only admiration! Much, much love to you and beautiful Danielle …EVERY day! Mom and Dad Sent from my iPhone

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